Dates:  TBD 2018 (Friday)
Deans: Monte Smith
For Completed Grades:  4th - 6th

Arrive: 4-5pm for registration
Pickup:  10am

$165 per camper ($140 if pre-registered by 7/8).

Hello Fellow Campers,

We’ve got a great program planned and lots of nifty stuff will be included.  For example, I’m adding a few things to the annual Junior Camp Great Guitar Giveaway (JC3G).  In addition to 4 guitars, there will also be at least 4 brand new ukuleles given away as part of the contest (an easy-to-play instrument that is becoming more and more popular these days), and also a couple of new mountain bikes ( a great idea for a place named “Mountainview”, don’t you think?) There will also be an added bonus for each camper that brings a friend to Mountainview who has never been there before.  

Besides all that, we are going to take you deep into the Word of God and have a lot of fun while we do that.  The theme for the week is "Shout", and I believe you're gonna have such a shoutin' good time that it will be hard for you to use your "inside voice" for at least a month after it's over.  Bring your Bible, a toothbrush, a few clothes, a few friends and a happy heart, and I'll see you around the campfire on July 23rd.  

PS.  Get registered early and save some cash!