Dates: July 29 - August 4, 2018
Deans: Kyle Layfield and Owen Accas
For Completed Grades:  6th - 8th

Arrive: 4-5pm for registration
Pickup: After 10 am

$175 per camper ($150 if pre-registered by 7/8).

Kyle Layfield


Owen Accas

The early teenager has many challenges and a week at Jr. High is a great place to learn to deal with them and have a breather.  The theme of junior high week is "God the Builder.

This week we are going to learn how to build on the skills, relationships, and knowledge that God has given us. We will learn how to build lasting relationships, build a team of Christian friends, build our Christian story, build a heart for ministry, build a platform for
evangelism, and build our Christian tool kits. We will work through practical Christian solutions to problems
that you students face in school, at home, and with your friends. God is always with us building us up even
when life is hard and we feel down. God is the greatest builder of all time, and He is building a great Kingdom Worker in YOU!

The band is from CCU with Matt Sweasy leading the way and local ministers are all rotating in during vespers to speak on the following topics:

Sunday: Kyle/Owen (building your Christian tool kit)

Monday: Owen (building a heart for ministry)

Tuesday: Guy (building your Christian story)

Wednesday: Glen (building a team of kingdom workers)

 Thursday: Frump   (building lasting relationships)

 Friday: Kyle (building a platform for evangelism) 

At campfire we are having groups from highschool, young adults, and adults to share their testimonies of how God has built a community of Christians in their lives from church and camp. 

Our mission is the Anchor Youth IDES trip. Our teens have prepared slideshows with pictures and information about the trip.