Dates:   August 5 - 11,  2018
Deans: Guy Layfield and Craig Layfield
For Completed Grades:  9th - 12th

Arrive: 4-5pm for registration
Pickup: After 10 am

$175 per camper ($150 if pre-registered by 7/8).


This years theme is Habits: What Our Actions Say About Who We Are

In the past few years we have examined evidence for Christianity, talked about what it means to be the church, and talked about how as the church we have a responsibility to wrestle with the issues that the world is faced with... Being part of the church is super important, but it is all for nothing if we aren't getting closer to God. We invite you to come join us in examining our habits. What do they reveal about who we are and what is most important to us.

Band: The Point Worship team from Charlottesville, VA   -Youtube

Speaker: Dan Smith from Cleveland, OH - Youtube

Head Cooks: Sandy Smith & Jeff Fitch

With Special Guests: Great Lakes Christian College from Lansing, MI




Guy Layfield



Craig Layfield

And welcoming a star-studded cast from Great Lakes Christian College!