1. Download the forms needed for the week

  2. Make check made out to Mountainview Christian Camp for Tuition Cost.

  3. If child needs prescription or over the counter medications, get medication form signed by child's doctor. Not necessary for attendance.

  4. Bring them to the camp week your attending, but it very preferable to send them ahead of time so we can ensure all forms are correct and can predict the amount of children.

Mailing:  We would prefer to know how many students we have showing up for a week, but we always assume that a few walk ins will be coming.  If the issue with mailing the forms is with the money involved, only 10$ deposit is needed to register and the rest can payed upon arrival. Medical forms can also be brought upon arrival.   By Mail

Medication form: The medication form is the only part of registration that has to be signed by your child's physician in order for them to receive over the counter medications or prescription medication.

Medical History: A parent can fill in the medical history and immunization part of the registration. A child may attend camp without receiving any medications.