1. Download and fill out the the forms needed for the week

  2. Write Tuition check out to Mountainview Christian Camp (or 10$ deposit)

  3. If child needs prescription or over the counter medications, get medication form signed by child's doctor. Not necessary for attendance.

  4. Mail forms and check to registrar

Mountainview Christian Camp
Registrar C/O Bonnie Cain
4421 Smith Road
Marion, NY 14505


Mailing:  Do not mail registrations to the camp address.   The camp is only staffed during events.  But feel free to bother your kid with mail while he/she is attending!  They'll love you! 

Medication form: The medication form is the only part of registration that has to be signed by your child's physician in order for them to receive over the counter medications or prescription medication.

Medical History: A parent can fill in the medical history and immunization part of the registration. A child may attend camp without receiving any medications.