Dates:   TBD 2018
Deans: Guy Layfield and Craig Layfield
For Completed Grades:  9th - 12th

Arrive: 4-5pm for registration
Pickup: After 10 am

$175 per camper ($150 if pre-registered by 7/8).

The Rapids: How to live in the current without being swept away.

The Rapids 2.jpg

Everyone is in motion and they are going somewhere. The world wants them to join many different movements to fight injustice and other cultural issues. This week we will be taking a look at what is good about these movements and what could make them better. The message will focus on the idea that the biblical way is the better way.

Students, invite your friends! Let's pack the dorms this year!


Brian Harris


Our speaker will be missionary, minister, and apologist Brian Harris. Brian is a passionate speaker who spoke for Sr. High week in 2015. He is a talented storyteller who spent some time in the very dangerous country of Cameroon working to spread the Gospel in an area that is hostile to the Gospel.

Dave Herring


Our band will be Dave Herring & The Point's worship team. Dave was our worship leader last year for Sr. High week. His band was fantastic last year at not only playing great music, but far more importantly at leading people to the throne of God to have a worship-filled experience.

Chillin by the river.jpg

Guy Layfield


The Deans of the Week are Guy & Craig Layfield. We put this week together to help these students who we love to face some of the most challenging issues of our time.

Craig & Family (2).jpg

Craig Layfield

We want to empower these students to be rooted in the Bible so that they aren't caught up in any movement that is moving in a direction opposing Scripture. May each person who attends this week be more prepared to stand for their convictions and show people that the biblical way is the better way.

Sandy & Family.jpg

Sandy Smith


Our head cook is Sandy Smith. Sandy was our headcook last year and I'm excited that she was prepared to serve again this year.